Class B CDL Jobs

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Class B CDL Jobs
If you have your Class B CDL License, you are able to operate any single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs or more or a two vehicle that is towing another vehicle no heavier than 11,000 lbs GVWR.

Such vehicles can include single delivery trucks, cement mixers, commercial tow trucks (so long as the vehicles being towed are no more than 11,000 pounds, passenger busses (with special certification) and so on.

Class B CDL Jobs Market

If you are looking for Class B CDL Jobs, you may not have the success you expected. This is to be expected given the state of the economy. As less people have a need for goods and services involving vehicles that require a Class B CDL license, there will be less employers seeking your qualifications.

However, if you have a clean abstract with plenty of experience, finding class B CDL Jobs should not be all that difficult. Depending on which State in which you are located, finding Class B CDL Jobs might be even easier for you.

Class B CDL Jobs By State

Some states are in seemingly constant demand for Class B CDL drivers. Ideally, it would works best if you are located in those states, but that is not always an option. In some cases, it best to upgrade your CDL to include Class A. However, with a Class A rating, you will be more likely to engage in long-hault transport.

States that will typically have a higher supply of Class B CDL jobs will be those with busy ports and a high population density. In such locations, there will be a greater demand for local deliveries that do not require multi-vehicle transport or overnight deliveries.

Class B CDL Licensing

In order to obtain your Class B CDL License, you will need to complete a practical and written examination. These are best handled after taking the appropriate courses, which are offered in any major city center.

Once you have your Class B CDL, you can expect to earn anywhere from 35K to 40K per year to start. However, you should ahead of time that even with your Class B CDL it is not guaranteed that you will enjoy a long-term career. The demands of the job are extensive and there is a high "drop-out" rate among successful graduates within 2 years.

Class B CDL Jobs... a starting point in your specialized job search.
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Class B CDL Jobs
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